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Энциклопедия эзотерической жизни


«Ни общество в целом, ни те или иные формы коллективности не должны рассматриваться в качестве субъектов действия; таковыми могут быть только индивиды». (Макс Вебер)

В этом тексте есть движение традиционного изложения от скрытых цитат к поэтическому образу и символу древности. Получается это через стирание граней прозы и поэзии, через эссе, коллажи, мозаичный расшатанный логоэд и через скрытые значения, происходит выход на пневмометафору. Начинается попытка постижения героя, хотя его глубины сложно узнать, но это происходит через явный разлом и открытие движения текста, к нетрадиционному написанию, где устная речь переводится и отражает состояние ума.

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How to live in the era of multiple metaphysics?

Lecture of Arkady Rovner

We live in an era of multiple metaphysical systems conflicting with each other. Our world resembles a closed vessel with chemical substances incompatible with each other, threatening to explode any minute. The chemical substances are the conflicting metaphysics. These elements, antagonistic to each other, that can barely be restrained, and in a number of cases, cannot be restrained at all, are labeled in chemistry as «death mix».

In their respective eras, Buddha, Kant, the Bahai, Helen Blavatsky, Ramakrishna, Krishnamurti and Osho had to confront with this problem. Each one of them introduced their respective original solution to this problem. Buddha and Kant aspired towards liberation from all metaphysics, but created their own metaphysics. The Bahai, Blavatsky, Ramakrishna and Osho built various Temples of All Religions; presently these Temples bear a pitiful existence, living their last days. Krishnamurti was geared towards a Zen-Buddhist rejection of any type of collectivity and any type of metaphysics.

Today this problem appears to be many times more complex, and the situation – much more volatile. This is perceived by everybody, but there are still many conclaves in the world, in which “one solely correct metaphysical system” reigns, whether it is a religious, national or political one. For the participants of these communities, all of these metaphysical systems are erroneous and false, except for their own. The possessors of the “only true metaphysical system” have strained relations with the world, fraught with psychological or political excesses.

Nevertheless, most people live in the space of a multitude of metaphysics that are contradictory towards each other, conscious of the real dangers of such situations. They exist without knowing how to live in the era of multiple metaphysics.

Arkady Rovner

October 5, 2014

Come to participate: Moscow, Sharikopodshipnikovskaya str., 15, club Louis, auditory Deltha.October 18, 2014, 18:00 Moscow time.

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